Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Unbuilt Gallery of Architecture?

The Unbuilt Gallery is the first virtual gallery of contemporary architecture designed for virtual immersive experiences and sold on the blockchain.

Why virtual experiences?

The virtual realm liberates architects from the constraints of the physical world. Virtual reality is a medium that demands a new approach to architectural design, and our exhibitions will explore virtual space as a new medium for design. We believe being immersed in a digital design is a powerful experience.

Why smart contracts?

Minting designs on the blockchain ensures that they are authenticated by the architect and provide proof of ownership. The smart contract handles all transactions, enables royalties for secondary sales, and specifies how many authentic copies can exist. In The Unbuilt Gallery, the works are 1-of-1. Smart contracts also create transparency of the history of ownership and an immutable ledger of the provenance of the work.

What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet, also called a cryptowallet, allows you to transact on a blockchain and see any balances associated with that wallet. An NFT or cryptocurrency is not actually stored in a digital wallet. Rather, the wallet uses a private key to grant access to NFTs and digital assets stored on the blockchain. One of the most popular wallets is Metamask.

Do I need a cryptowallet to buy a piece from The Unbuilt Gallery?

Yes. A popular crypto wallet is Metamask. If you are interested in purchasing the all-inclusive model tier and you need help with your purchase, please reach out to and we will be in touch immediately.

I bought an experience or a model. How do I access the unlockable content?

Congratulations on your purchase!

To access your unlockable content, you can click on "Unlockable Content" on the main page of the NFT in Opensea. If you are the owner, you will be able to access the content.

Reach out to with any questions.

How do I access the exhibitions?

You can book a ticket to the upcoming exhibition here. You will receive a confirmation email, and we will send you a link to enter the exhibition closer to the opening.

I don't have a virtual reality headset. Will I still be able to enter the gallery?

Yes! The Unbuilt Gallery will be experienced on desktop only as an interactive experience. "Interactive" means you will be represented in the environment with other attendees, and you’ll be able to move around in that space freely. It’s like playing a first person video game. If you purchase the Experience package, you'll be able to experience the architecture in virtual reality.

Does The Unbuilt Gallery have a physical location?

No, Unbuilt is a virtual gallery.

Who is creating the designs?

The Unbuilt Gallery of Architecture has hand picked architects to participate in the first exhibition. You can learn more about them here.

What blockchain is The Unbuilt Gallery built on?

The Unbuilt Gallery is built on the Ethereum blockchian.

Can I apply to have my work exhibited at The Unbuilt Gallery?

Please reach out to if you'd like to apply to contribute to a future exhibition.